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Crescent Career Center Is Moving to Mendota Heights!

Crescent Career Center Is Moving to Mendota Heights!

Crescent Career Center is on the move! We’re transitioning from our current location at 2915 Commers Drive, Suite 500, Eagan, MN, to a new address at 1171 Northland Drive, Mendota Heights, MN. This relocation, which will take place between April 19 and 22, 2024, is only 1.6 miles down Highway 55. Yet it marks a significant step in our commitment to enhance our educational offerings while staying deeply rooted in the local community.

Our meticulous planning ensures that this move won’t interrupt your classes or the Begin Again event. We designed this transition period to maintain continuity for our students and the counselors who serve them.

A Continued Commitment to Local Communities

At Crescent Career Center, our connection to the community extends beyond our office park or neighborhood. Our engagement with local organizations reflects our deep commitment to the people, school districts, cities, and counties we serve.

We’re dedicated to helping our students by partnering with organizations like GoodWill/EasterSeals, SEEK Employment Professionals, PCs for People, and others. These positions enable us to support the education of dislocated workers, veterans, and traditional students.

Crescent Career Center is invested in regional development initiatives, serving on the Washington County Economic Development Board. This engagement enables us to support and promote sustainable economic growth, providing our graduates with a healthy job market.

In addition to these roles, Crescent Career Center is dedicated to supporting local veterans through our involvement with Beyond The Yellow Ribbon Eagan, an organization that assists military families.


Our New Space & Your Business

The move to 1171 Northland Drive is about more than a new space—it’s about providing a better foundation for serving our clients and communities. This new office space is designed to support Crescent Career Center's high level of service and ensure we continue to efficiently and effectively meet students’ needs. It will also provide more and better space for our Begin Again events.

This move only requires one thing of you. All other aspects of our service remain unchanged, so you can expect the same level of expertise and support that Crescent Career Center has always delivered:

  1. To update your records with our new address, which will be effective April 20: 

    1. 1171 Northland Drive, Mendota Heights, MN 55120

As we transition to our new home, we do so with a renewed commitment to our clients and the communities we serve. This move represents our ongoing dedication to providing top-tier career resources while contributing positively to the local business landscape and community initiatives.

If you have any questions about our relocation, please feel free to reach out. You can fill out our contact form or call us at (651) 287-9950. We’re here to ensure a seamless transition for you.

Together, we look forward to continuing to support your educational needs from our new location and deepening our engagement with the communities that have been fundamental to our success. Welcome to the next chapter in Crescent Career Center’s journey!