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Questions and Answers re: Career Training

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We know that our customers will have many questions regarding our programs and how we can help you launch a new career. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason.

How do I get started?

The best way to get started is to make contact with our Education Consultant! Either complete the Contact Us form or call us at 800-555-1212.  Having a one-on-one conversation will help us learn more about your needs and situation and determine how we can best help you.

When are classes offered?

Crescent Career Center offers classes in a variety of formats. Our two most popular are ILT and OLL.

  • ILT: Our Instructor Led Training (ILT) takes place at our facility. ILT courses are held in a traditional classroom setting with our instructors.
  • OLL: Online Live Courses (OLL) only differ from traditional classroom settings in the sense that your instructor is at a remote facility. You are able to ask questions, run labs, and hold discussion via a reliable internet connection, webcam, and microphone; all of which is available for use at our facility. If you are taking OLL courses at home it is recommended that you have a secure internet connection and dual monitors for optimal participation.
  • ILT and OLL courses are typically held 8:00am-4:00pm Monday-Friday; the number of days you have class is contingent on the types of courses you are taking. We also have Online Anytime (OLA) courses available that allow you to set your own training schedule and pace with the help of prerecorded lectures.

What makes Crescent Career Center different from other training providers?

Crescent Career Center is dedicated to providing our state with an enhanced workforce through mission driven initiatives and Job Driven Training. You are not simply a ‘customer’ of Crescent Career Center; you are a student who will receive top notch training and the resources necessary to be successful in the IT industry from the moment you register to the moment you land your next career opportunity!

Do I need prior IT knowledge to enroll?

Prior knowledge is not required, but a high interest in the field is necessary. Crescent Career Center students should also have a drive to succeed and be able to dedicate their time to studies and exams for the full duration of the class.

Does Crescent Career Center provide job placement assistance or internship opportunities?

As Crescent Career Center expands our training opportunities for Veterans and Dislocated Workers we are simultaneously leveraging current business relationships to open doors for our students. We have a dedicated staff working in the students’ favor to send job leads and notifications of opportunities; based on students’ performance and responsiveness, resumes are passed along to employers and references can be made on their behalf by Crescent Career Center Staff. All alumni will continue to receive these leads upon completion of training.

What kind of certifications are available via Crescent Career Center training?

Crescent Career Center offers a wide range of certification possibilities. From Basic Microsoft Applications Packages, CompTIA, Cisco, and Adobe and many more, Crescent Career Center will have what you are looking for. You can find an expanded list of available courses at our business facing website here:

What do Crescent Career Center programs cost?

Crescent Career Center training costs vary greatly depending on your chosen courses. Most training programs are designed to fit within Veteran and Dislocated Worker budgets. Speak with one of our Education Consultants today to see what you can expect!

After I take courses, does Crescent Career Center provide testing facilities?

Yes! Crescent Career Center is a certified testing facility so you are able to take exams across the hall from where you take courses!