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SQL Querying Fundamentals - Part 1



This course, SQL Querying: Fundamentals, will teach you to use SQL as a tool to retrieve the information you need from databases. 

Executing a Simple Query
Connect to the SQL Database
Query a Database
Save a Query
Modify and Execute a Saved Query

Performing a Conditional Search
Search Using One or More Conditions
Search for a Range of Values and NULL Values
Search Data Based on Patterns

Working with Functions
Perform Date Calculations
Calculate Data Using Aggregate Functions
Manipulate String Values

Organizing Data
Sort Data
Rank Data
Group Data
Filter Grouped Data
Summarize Grouped Data
Use PIVOT and UNPIVOT Operators

Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables
Combine the Results of Two Queries
Compare the Results of Two Queries
Retrieve Data by Joining Tables

Exporting Query Results
Generate a Text File
Generate an XML File