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Microsoft Word Part 1



 Microsoft Word is designed to help you move smoothly through the task of creating professional-looking documents. Its rich features and powerful tools can make your work easy.

  • Getting Started with Word

  • Topic A- Navigate in Microsoft Word
    Topic B- Create and Save Word Documents
    Topic C- Edit Documents
    Topic D- Work with Word Online

  • Formatting Text and Paragraphs

  • Topic A- Apply Character Formatting
    Topic B- Control Paragraph Layout
    Topic C- Align Text Using Tabs
    Topic D- Display Text in Bulleted or Numbered Lists
    Topic E- Apply Borders and Shading

  • Working More Efficiently

  • Topic A- Make Repetitive Edits
    Topic B- Apply Repetitive Formatting
    Topic C- Use Styles to Streamline Repetitive Formatting Tasks
    Topic D- Customize the Word Environment

  • Managing Lists

  • Topic A- Sort a List
    Topic B- Format a List

  • Adding Tables

  • Topic A- Insert a Table
    Topic B- Modify a Table
    Topic C- Format a Table
    Topic D- Convert Text to a Table

  • Inserting Graphic Objects

  • Topic A- Insert Symbols and Special Characters
    Topic B- Add Images to a Document

  • Controlling Page Appearance

  • Topic A- Apply a Page Border and Color
    Topic B- Add Headers and Footers
    Topic C- Control Page Layout
    Topic D- Add a Watermark

  • Preparing to Publish a Document

  • Topic A- Check Spelling, Grammar, and Readability
    Topic B- Preview and Print Documents
    Topic C- Use Research Tools
    Topic D- Check Accessibility
    Topic E- Save a Document to Other Formats