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Microsoft Excel Part 2



You already know how to get Microsoft Excel to perform simple calculations and how to modify your workbooks and worksheets to make them easier to read, interpret, and present to others. But, Excel is capable of so much more.

Working with Functions
Topic A- Work with Ranges
Topic B- Use Specialized Functions
Topic C- Work with Logical Functions
Topic D- Work with Date and Time Functions
Topic E- Work with Text Functions

Working with Lists
Topic A- Sort Data
Topic B- Filter Data
Topic C- Query Data with Database Functions
Topic D- Outline and Subtotal Data

Analyzing Data
Topic A- Create and Modify Tables
Topic B- Apply Intermediate Conditional Formatting
Topic C- Apply Advanced Conditional Formatting

Visualizing Data with Charts
Topic A- Create Charts
Topic B- Modify and Format Charts
Topic C- Use Advanced Chart Features

Using PivotTables and PivotCharts
Topic A- Create a PivotTable
Topic B- Analyze PivotTable Data
Topic C- Present Data with PivotCharts
Topic D- Filter Data by Using Timelines and Slicers